i ship larry, you ship larry, we all ship larry (◡‿◡✿)

fandoms I'm in a.k.a things i like to reblog:
Supernatural; Game of Thrones; My Mad Fat Diary; Sherlock; Merlin; The Hunger Games; The Infernal Devices; American Horror Story; One Direction; and more idk

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Game of Thrones s4
Supernatural s9
Glee s5
Awkward s4
Bates Motel s2
Once Upon A Time s3
Orphan Black s2

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sometimes, i like to gif things and by things i mean Andy Samberg

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one direction is kind of like that tv show that starts out all cute and innocent but by the third season everything’s gone crazy and doesn’t make sense but you keep watching because you have to

Paul Wesley + talking about how shit The Vampire Diaries is.

"I’ve been lucky to have known what I wanted to do for so long."

Listen, if there’s a character that has a birthmark in the shape of Mexico on her face, there’s no contest. It was always going to be Agatha for me. But I still couldn’t quite believe it when my agent called me and said that Wes Anderson wanted to send me the script to read.

I like how on Tumblr we all have lots of sass but in real life we can’t say hi without fucking up.

catching fire meme || 2/3 scenes from page to screen.

"Stay with me." As the tendrils of sleep syrup pull me down, I hear him whisper a word back, but I don’t quite catch it.

TBT when Zayn, Harry and Louis modelled the Florrie range!” +